Monday, September 15, 2008

Our sweet friend, and homeschooling mom of 5, invited us over for her Butterfly adventure. She basically has her own butterfly center in her house. Complete with caterpillars of every kind, a butterfly tent outside, and butterflies all over the house. She had a craft table set up for the kids to make the life cycle of a butterfly, a butterfly hunt through the woods behind her house, a butterfly snack that the kids made then ate, and to finish it off, a story time where she told them about the butterflies. The best part was hearing all of the kids listen to her explain how God made the butterflies, how interesting and unique they were, but that God loved each of them and cared for them way more than butterflies. And of course, Teague loved catching them!


The Harmon Family said...

I love the look on Teague's face! Too cute!

amie said...

I remember her! I can't remember her though. We were in the same sunday school class. The Ridenour class!
How cool!