Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is John's birthday and I thought I'd take a minute to brag on him. (You don't have to read it if you don't want.) We don't usually buy each other mushy cards and we don't have cute pet names for each other. We are not that sentimental and John often says that our relationship roles are completely reversed. John likes to sit and talk and I usually have the remote control. He says my spiritual gift is sarcasm. You see where I'm going here.

But on this special birthday, 35, I wanted to tell John just how awesome and special he is to me. And to so many others for that matter. Here are just a few of the characteristics that I love about my husband.

Kind - If you don't like what you ordered for lunch, he will trade plates with you and eat your food whether he likes it or not.
Passionate - His deep rooted compassion for the lost has changed his life so drastically that people from his past may not even recognize him.
Loving - He truly cares about people. Not the typical, "aw, that's too bad. I'll be sure and pray for you" but "what can I do to help you and let's pray right now that God will work in your life." Not, "I'm sorry your shoes have holes", but "wait here, I'll be right back" as he drives all the way home to get a pair of shoes out of his closet and drives all the way back downtown to give them to someone in need.
Fun - He is the life of the party, but not just at your party. He's the life of our home! Although Teague and Levi are following fast in their father's footsteps and can provide just as many hours of laughs.
Honest - You will not find a more honest and open person. Confrontation is nothing more than telling someone the absolute truth in a loving way. (wish I could be like that)
Awesome - He just plain rocks! I have no adequate words to describe this one. But if you know him, you'll agree.
Happy Birthday John! I LOVE YOU!

Monday, November 17, 2008

This is the pavilion at the Coalition for the Homeless where the men can sleep for $1 per night.

This is outside the pavilion where the men sleep if they don't have $1.

When you give to the least of these...

This year, I have personally committed to the Coalition for the Homeless to provide 350 hygiene kits. This is a special group that has become very dear to me and to our entire family. Many of them sleep here at the coalition which is a screened in pavilion where they sleep on a small mat on a concrete floor. They have no family, no gifts, and no hope.

If you and your family can commit to make up a few (or a lot) and will, please let me know. You can also put an encouraging letter in them if you want. You can be assured that I will personally make sure the pack finds a needy man this Christmas. You want to help me give some hope? And spread the word! If nobody else does it, I’ll have to get 350 on my own! But, I’d feel almost guilty to keep all those blessings to myself. :-)

Thanks, John

**Hygiene Kits**
Fill a gallon size Zip lock bag with...
toothbrush in a toothbrush holder
pair of socks
pair of men's underwear (M or L)
small bottle of shampoo
bar of soap
shave gel
small tube of hand lotion

Friday, November 14, 2008

I think this is a first for us, Jeff is actually smiling in the picture. These are my brothers, Kenny, Darrell Drew (affectionately known as Bub) and Jeff.

Last weekend all 3 of my brothers were in town for a visit. We had a great time visiting and watching football all day. Since my brother has a really nice camera, I took the opportunity to try and get some family pictures. He took over 200 pictures but I won't bore you with all of those. Here are just a few of my favorites!

Camping with the boys!

We went camping with the Ridenour class at Camp Joy a few weekends ago, along with 8 or so other families. The boys absolutely had a blast! Why haven't we thought of that sooner? And almost all of the children were boys. So you can imagine how much fun they all had playing in the dirt, swings, campfire, canoeing (we had to turn around because we came across an alligator), smores and swimming. We had a little devotion Sunday morning and then some more fun before we headed for home. That is my kind of camping too. Bunk beds in a cabin with bathrooms, air conditioning, and they prepared our meals for us. WE LOVE CAMPING!